Jura Progress Update [April 2019]

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Jura Progress Update

Technology Development

1.1. Sharding

Determined the technical architecture and technical solutions of sharding.
Achieve multi-shard operation and shard intra-transaction function

1.2. JuraJ

Analyzed the factors affecting performance in the current code, and optimized it in a targeted manner
Improved the speed of transaction confirmation
Built TPS test framework and conducted preliminary tests
Fixed a bug where catchup could not be updated to the latest state
Fixed conflict with account balance after node restart

1.3. Explorer Compatibility

Updated and deployed the User Interface online
Added support for more browsers
Added sharding switching function

1.4. Successful Testnet Launch (Results)

Jura’s Tech Team has been very busy with developing Jura Protocol. This month, Jura Tech team was able to successfully launch Jura’s testnet. The results were amazing:

  • Our Nodes generated over more than 100,000 Rounds of transactions without any crash.


JURA IEO on Probit Exchange

💥JURA (JREX) Initial Exchange Offering [29th April 2019–3rd May 2019] on Probit Exchange

👉 Follow the link & get yourself registered:

🏆 Sign up for token sale now so you don’t miss the early investment bonus!

➡️ 16% for USDT, BTC, ETH, XRP
➡️ 20% for PROB

⭐️ JURA Token Rewards — 400,000 JREX ⭐️

1️⃣ The top accounts with the highest net purchases of JREX will be rewarded with a total of 200,000 JREX!
🥇1st place (1 person): 80,000 JREX (worth ~$1040)
🥈2nd place (1 person): 50,000 JREX (worth ~$650)
🥉3rd place (1 person): 40,000 JREX (worth ~$520)
🏅4th place (1 person): 20,000 JREX (worth ~$260)
🎖5th place (1 person): 10,000 JREX (worth ~$130)

2️⃣The first 50 buyers of JREX with a minimum net purchase of $500 will receive an additional 4,000 JREX bonus.

Jura x Probit Exchange — IEO

Iris Yang — keynote speaker & panelist at “In Blockchain We Trust”

Jura’s Founder, Iris Yang gave a keynote speech and discussed the blockchain industry outlook at the “In Blockchain We Trust” event hosted by the “Chinese Trading Investment Association”. She was also part of the panel that discussed the “Transformational Role of Blockchain Technology” alongside other Blockchain industry leaders.

Dream Wu spoke at Rebase Talk alongside Top Network CTO

Jura’s Senior Blockchain Developer, Dream Wu was invited to speak at Rebase Talk, held in the Beijing HQs of Mars Finance, alongside Top Network CTO. Dream Wu discussed the Consensus Technology Development in Blockchain and discussed Jura’s novel Proof of Utility (PoU) consensus mechanism.

Rebase Talk — Dream Wu with Top Network, CTO!

Fusus Data Structure & Proof of Utility (PoU) Demos Available Online

  • FUSUS is Jura’s novel data structure that is a multiple inheritance of blockchain, block lattice, and directed acyclic graph (DAG) technology. The FUSUS is a flexible, practical, and scalable data structure that provides us with the ability to achieve scalability, fast transactions, lightweight, and instant confirmation all at once.
  • The FUSUS is essentially a DAG-lattice. This essentially means that the transaction histories of accounts form the lattice, and the history of each account is constructed by the DAG. In simple words, when the traffic volume is low, the DAG is effectively reduced to a blockchain structure, but when the traffic volume is high, the RTs form a DAG, and every ST plays the role of a new genesis block.

See it in action: https://jura.network/fusus.html

  • Proof of Utility (PoU) Consensus Mechanism: Think of PoU as a sort of credit score: a single value that describes the trustworthiness of an account by taking into account a range of different variables, and in a consensus mechanism, votes from an entity with a higher PoU would be weighted more than someone with a lower PoU. Our model thus far takes four different variables into account: the stake size, the age of the account, the average staking time, and the last staking time. Each of these variables is assigned a dynamically changing weight that will adjust itself in accordance to the system demographics.
  • In that sense, PoU is akin to a multidimensional, dynamic PoS, except one cannot game the system simply by controlling the majority of the stakes. Although we know which variables go into making a higher PoU, we don’t know what the weights of each one are, and furthermore, the weights will change over time. This effectively guarantees that no one will remain king of the hill.

See it in action: https://jura.network/pou.html

Our IEO starts on April 29th 2019, don’t forget to register and start buying Jura Tokens (JREX)!! There are early investment bonuses of 16% for USDT, BTC, ETH, XRP & 20% for PROB.

Here is the link again: https://www.probit.com/en-us/ieo/jrex-round1/0

Thank you again for supporting us! We always appreciates your support and company.

‘Till next time.

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