Jura Progress Update

Dear Jura Community Members:

Over the past few months we’ve been hitting our technical milestones and business development goals at an aggressive pace, but not only that we’ve also been focusing on several large partnerships that will help drive mainstream adoption for our project.

So much so we’ve been published on BlockDaily, TVCC News and a host of other publications — this will be updated regularly, so keep an eye out for some more news by following us on social media!

We have a ton of news to publish over the next few months which we hope you’ll be excited about. But for now, here are some snippets on what we’ve been working on and achieved in the past two weeks!

1. Technology Development Progress

1.1. Transactions

Designed and implemented transaction client and transaction service API

1.2. Nodes

Implemented a Round Daemon and Controller mechanism to allow us to process pending transactions verification and consensus by round
Designed and implemented wallet service interface. Additionally, added transaction client in full-node.

1.3. FUSUS framework

Implemented data persistence for core data structure: FUSUS and Round

1.4. Encryption

Discussed and updated the implementation to the newest version of Base58 and SHA3 algorithm.

1.5. Internal Tool

Implemented a data visualization tool for the core FUSUS data structure

2. Events

Raheel Ahmad — Speaking at the Shanghai Bay Valley Investor Event

2.1. Bay Valley Investor Event

Jura’s International Marketing Specialist, Raheel Ahmad gave a very interactive talk about Jura and the applications of blockchain in Real Estate at Shanghai Bay Valley Investor Event.

2.2. Bounty Program 2018 Winners Announced

More than 4000 people participated in our Summertime Sadness 2018 Bounty Program and we were absolutely floored with the quality and number of submissions we got. There were eight winners who shared the total prize of 280,000 Jura Tokens. The winners were informed privately via e-mail, personal twitter handler and telegram. Congratulations to the winners again!

3. Partnerships

3.1. Partnership with UseChain

We signed a strategic partnership with UseChain, a Singapore based Blockchain company that is building the first Mirror-Identity Blockchain ecosystem. UseChain aims to solve the issues of poor performance and inadequate security. The two sides will collaborate to assist each other with security layer development and research ways to increase blockchain performance levels.

3.2. Partnership with PChain

We signed a strategic partnership deal with PChain, world’s first native multi-chain system EVM. PChain aims to solve the issues of blockchain performance, interoperatibility, non-closed loop smart contracts, and dependence on external data. The two sides will collaborate to assist each other with cross-chain technological development.

4. Advisors

4.1. Arun Sundararajan

Arun Sundararajan is a tenured professor and Robert L. and Dale Atkins Rosen Faculty Fellow at New York University’s Stern School of Business. His main work focus has been on the sharing economy, future of work, platform governance, artificial intelligence, digital transformation of retail, and digital trust.

Jura has a great team of talent, enthusiasm and right combinations of skill sets to make a revolution in the blockchain industry” — Arun Sundararajan on Jura

4.2. David Anthony

David Anthony Gulley is a New York-based economist, educator, and consultant. He is currently a professor at Columbia University, which he joined back in 1979. Over the years, he has taught courses in economics, finance, statistics and operations research, business, and related subjects. His current primary teaching interest at present is STEM-based entrepreneurship.

4.3. Siddhartha Dalal

A longtime leading figure in tech development and the startup landscape Professor Dalal is a tenured professor at Columbia University School of Professional Studies. Formerly Chief Data Scientist and Senior VP at AIG, Dr. Dalal has had experience in leading tech roles at firms such as Xerox and Bell Labs, and currently teaches two blockchain-based classes at Columbia.

Thanks for reading this update. Jura always appreciates your support and company.

‘Till next time.

— Jura Foundation

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