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Jura Progress Update

Dear Jura Community Members:

Thank you very much for your continued support! Over the last few months, we have made tremendous progress across all key aspects of our project. Notably, we have been following our technical roadmap by keeping delivering the core features of the JURA network as initially proposed in the whitepaper.

1. Technology Development Progress

1.1. Transactions

We’ve finished the development of the basic demo network version with GRPC and Protobuf Framework. We’ve designed and implemented our initial transaction interfaces and communication protocols. See the demo below for more details!

1.2. Nodes

We implemented and tested the core node operation functionality:

1. Add and delete full nodes in the JURA network

2. Retrieve all other full node basic information from any single full node

3. Broadcast transactions from any single full node to the rest of the network

1.3. Proof of Utility Framework

POU is our original and proprietary consensus mechanism, and is used as a measure of voting power in our consensus mechanism. Unlike POS, it depends on multiple variables. Here, we’ve proposed an example system consisting of staking number, seniority, and nodal activity level. We implemented four features separately, discussed the implementation of the POU interface, and tested our hypotheses successfully.

Demo | PoU

Our current four-dimensional system parameterizes individual and collective variables as multi-Gaussian distributions, where the marginal distribution of any two sub-components shows a two-dimensional Gaussian distribution. The POU is therefore defined as a function of the CDF of this random variable. To plot the figures above, we sampled from over 1 million full nodes, then plotted the empirical POU score with respect to the two selected features. As you can tell, each feature follows Gaussian independently and the POU looks like multi-Gaussian as we expected.

1.4. FUSUS framework

The FUSUS is the core DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph)-based data structure designed by JURA. In JURA the network, every account has its own FUSUS, which records the balance and stores the transaction history of this account. When a sending transaction is initiated, the user’s FUSUS will do a balance calculation and thus will grows linearly with increasing transactions; when large number receiving transactions gets accumulated, the FUSUS will grow like a DAG in order to adaptively increase the throughput. Currently, we have finished the core development for FUSUS data structure.

Work in progress

  1. Implement FUSUS Data
  2. Structure Interface
  3. Refine the interface of FUSUS

2. Events

Jura Events

2.1. JURA Bounty Program

Our new bounty program, which was launched on August 30th, was a huge success. It aimed at building community support through user submission of short videos explaining key aspects of our technology, text articles explaining JURA’s strategic placement in the upcoming ICO landscape, sample code, pictures, or memes. We devoted 280,000 JURA tokens as rewards to users who designed and posted quality submissions. During the course of the bounty program, our followers grew by more than 30%.

2.2. 1st Place at the 2018 Founders World Competition (China Region)

We are delighted to announce that our project was selected as a finalist from an applicant pool of approximately 200 other public chain, protocol, and dapp projects to compete in this shark tank-style competition held yesterday at Beijing’s Tsinghua University. From the final competition pool of 25 projects, our project was selected as the first place winner!

2.3. Brink Asset Global Meet-up | Korea 2018

JURA’s founder and CEO, Iris Yang, was invited to attend and speak at the Brink Asset Global Meet Up held in Korea on 22nd September 2018.

2.4. Australia Blockchain Mission

JURA was invited to attend the Australia Blockchain Mission where JURA’s founder met with several high level Australian dignitaries in-charge of promoting blockchain based projects in Australia and discuss future synergies. Notably, the Australian government is pro-blockchain and showed a great interest in Jura’s promising technology.

2.5. Multi language white-paper

Our whitepaper is now available in four different languages:

  1. English [https://docsend.com/view/txjaf9k]
  2. Chinese [https://docsend.com/view/9w3x294]
  3. Korean. [https://docsend.com/view/jqb8shx]
  4. Russian [https://docsend.com/view/2k4pqgu]

3. Partnerships

Jura Partnerships

3.1. Partnership with OneLedger

OneLedger is a new generation of public chain protocol that provides a highly efficient cross-chain engine, thus helping individuals and businesses achieve cross-chain transactions through more effective transactions and communication. Through this partnership, JURA and OneLedger will be exploring how to effectively bridge public and private chains

3.2. Partnership with Cortex Labs

To further develop our signature AI security suite, we have partnered up with CortexLabs.ai, a China-based machine learning company. CortexLabs is strategically positioned as a key player in the smart contract security landscape, and through this partnership, both teams will strive to provide the industry with an enhanced security layer for blockchain technology.

3.3. Partnership with Hero Node

The JURA Network and Hero Node team will be working together in creating solid user experience for Hero Node using the JURA Protocol to establish a robust and ultra-fast ecosystem, as well as a solid user experience for its dapps.

3.4. Partnership with PopulStay

Home sharing is a fast growing industry, and PopulStay is providing a blockchain-based solution to smart locks, secure contracts, and decentralized, autonomous operations. JURA aims to provide PopulStay with a robust blockchain ecosystem to leverage synergies between many fields including real estate, international communications, and evolved enterprise.

Jura Partnerships

3.5. Partnership with SciDex

The SciDex protocol enables users to automatically generate unforgeable, compliant, human readable, and adaptable smart contracts. Users will also be able to translate existing regular contracts into smart contracts, as well as design more complex contracts. Smart contract design and execution are one of the most fundamental pros of using blockchain technology, therefore by partnering with a strong smart contract based team such as SciDex, JURA will be able to offer end users a uniquely robust smart contract system.

3.6. Partnership with EOT Protocol

EOT is building a decentralized digital game distribution platform, where games can play, share, and discover new games, as well as immerse themselves in an environment where gamers can socialize online. By teaming up with EOT, JURA will be able to directly reach gamers, who per-haps are some of the most fervent supporters of the blockchain technology, and help drive the future of dgaming.

3.7. Partnership with UDAP

UDAP, the Universal Decentralized Asset Platform, specializes in asset lifecycle management (tokenization, transfer, redeem, etc.), search, and trade (including some common trading models such as buy / sell, rental, auction, pledge, etc.). JURA’s platform will provide UDAP with a robust blockchain ecosystem, thus helping enabling high scalability and finality while maintaining a feeless and autonomous ecosystem.

4. Advisors

Jura Advisors

4.1. Tian Jia

Tian Jia is a serial entrepreneur and investor in the technology and crypto fields, best known for work as founder of Wolong Cloud, now part of Alibaba, and bitfundpe.com, the first Chinese crypto PE fund. Formerly a Senior Developer at both Baidu and Alibaba, Tian has successfully navigated both the technology and finance landscapes and will be an invaluable advisor to our project.

4.2. Simon Littlewood

Simon Littlewood brings over three decades of expertise in spearheading finance ventures, navigating emerging markets, and advising Fortune 500 companies across the world from London to Hong Kong. As the current CEO of the Li Family Office in China, Simon has advised and helped develop numerous companies in the Asian market.

4.3. Richard Wang

Richard Wang is a partner at DFJ Dragon Fund and has over 20 years of experience in business development, technical marketing and sales management in tech industry. He also has deep roots in AI applications, FinTech and Blockchain.

Thanks for reading this update. Jura always appreciates your support and company.

— Jura Foundation

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